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Salvation Army Find

So, if you live in Northern Virginia and need some fun new things for your home, GO GO GO to the Salvation Army in Leesburg off of Route 7. It's right by the Honda dealership. I have found the greatest things there! They always have beautiful vintage glasses and old mason jars that you can put anything in! I seriously love this particular Salvation Army.

Luckily, it's right by my parent's house, so if they are babysitting for the afternoon, I will try to swing by and see what new things they have. They have great "diamonds in the rough," which is basically nasty furniture seen with the naked eye, but I can usually envision some paint and fabric that can make it pretty. I found a set of white chairs the other day for $4 each!! They were pretty gross and needed a deep clean desperately. The seat of the chair was disgusting and a vinal seat cushion. ugggghhhh. But for $8 for 2 chairs, I threw them both into the back of my car. I came home and went to work. Here they are before:

BEFORE: you can't really see the stains and such. gross.

Look at that cushion! awful.

I cleaned both chairs really well. I then went to Calico Corners in Fairfax and picked this fabric. Calico Corners is pricey and typically around $25 a yard, but I have liked this fabric for some time and since the chairs were so cheap, I bought a nicer fabric. 1 yard of fabric will cover 3 chairs.

I could have also re-painted the chair a fun color, but I do love white. So, I just decided to keep it that color.

The other seat cushion
I am going to leave these chairs in the basement for when I need extra seating. We entertain all the time and when it's really large groups, I end up borrowing folding chairs. I am going to try and collect some good will or salvation army chairs and clean them up, so that I can have extra seating for showers, birthday parties, etc.
I think these would be perfect for an entry way with a little round table in between? $8 you cannot beat!
All you need is a staple gun. Staple each side only once and the fold it like you are wrapping a present. Then staple all the way around. so easy and I have fun in the process. :)


a couples shower

My brother and adorable sister in law are about to be parents in just a couple of weeks! About a month ago, Brad and I threw them a couple's shower with all of their JMU friends. SO freaking fun. I was wishing I had a couples shower too! David and Meg are mexican lovers so we made fajitas, chips and salsa, margaritas, guacamole...... all the works! Everyone knows that Rio Grande has the best tortillas, so I went over there and got tortillas and then stopped at On the Border and got chips and salsa. (OTB has davids fav chips and salsa) Here is the happy couple! I had every intention of doing this as the place cards, but I could just not get my act together. I bought all of the apples and metallic gold spray paint. I made a slit in the apple and put the name card in. I just couldn't finish them since I didn't allow myself the time. Oh well. Next shower maybe! It was funny cause we were having mexican food which is casual, but I wanted it to be elegant at the same time, so I mixed the two. Anyway, a big bag of little apples and metallic gold spray paint is a cheap cute place card.

The girls table set!

Drinks on the buffet
David enjoying some chips and salsa

The boys table set!

Megen's friend Katrina made the favors. Little mason jars with burlap and yarn. The jars were filled with candy corn. So festive and adorable.

Meg and David are so blessed to have such great friends. David lived with all of these guys at JMU and meg lived with the girls. They all did everything together in college and then most of them married eachother. Can you say perfect? I was telling brad that night that this group of friends are incredibly blessed. They have reunions with eachother from time to time and what a perfect time to come together to celebrate Will Minter!! Can't wait to meet the little guy!Me and the cute mama!


flameless candles

I heard about these battery operated candles a couple years ago and I thought it sounded kinda lame. Why would you want fake candles when you could have real ones? But now, I am totally obsessed with them. First of all, looking at the candle from the outside, you would never know it is not real. They are made with real wax, have a flickering light that looks EXACTLY how a candle looks, and some of them are scented. With having kids, I LOVE these candles!

My mom just saw them at costco the other day and bought them for as a little gift. I love when she does that! (mom: hint hint) They came in a pack of 4 with the batteries included and they have the most amazing vanilla scent. I only light my candles when I have company over. Even though I absolutely love the look of candle light, I am not going to light candles when it's just a typical evening at home eating dinner with the fam. First of all, I would have to rummage through my junk drawer to find my lighter or matches. (Not that that is a big deal, but with my little monkies running through the house, I'm not gonna go looking for my lighter) With the flameless candles, it is a flick of a switch and there is a timer too if you needed that! I know. It's the little things in life that excite me. My favorite part. I love my candles in my vases and lanterns, but I never light them when they are inside something because I don't want the wax to get over everything. These are perfect for that problem. Also, I have sconces up on the wall that are close to my curtains and actually, one time I blew out the candle and some wax dripped on my sofa. So, I am loving these new candles. The inside looks real besides the fact that there is no flame. :)

You can find these lots of places. They have them in every color, shape, and size. Votives and tea lights too! They have them at walmart, restoration hardware, but my favorite were from here.


Dressing up a shower

I love throwing showers for my friends, whether they are getting married or having a baby. It is so much fun to celebrate with them. With food, decorations, flowers, and favors, the total price can add up, so here are a few helpful tips to have a pretty shower without breaking the bank. ;)

Pick your color scheme. Always try to use what you already have. So, if you have simple white dishes, use those and then dress it up with some pink or blue accents.

I went with turqoise and lime since those are hot colors right now and I already had some glasses with those colors. And since my friend Julie was having a boy, I thought blue and green were still within the "boy colors."

If you go to any party store, you will pay about $3.99 for a pack of 16 napkins. I found mine at Homegoods- 20 napkins for $1.99 AND within my color scheme. :) So, MORE napkins and half the price at party city.
So, keeping with my color scheme........I picked out this paper from Paper Source, then bought a roll of lime green ribbon from Michaels to dress up my vases. Ribbon can be expensive, so when it ever goes on sale, I always will get a whole bunch of different colors because I use ribbon for everything. Favors: Everyone loves mason jars. Atleast I think everyone loves them. I do. You can get mason jars almost anywhere, print on a label (I got mine from paper source) and then tie a ribbon. Pretty. I let them fill up their mason jars with colorful candies. (For the candy, I used gourmet mints and jelly bellys. Delicious and so colorful.)
I filled up my apothecary vases with the candies and I loved the look. BINS BINS BINS! Whenever I am in any home store, I go straight for the clearance and see what kind of fun finds I can get my hands on. I love clearance bins. I got these beauties at Pier One for $1.98 a glass. Perfect for a shower or brunch. OH! and I think this glass looks very similar to THIS glass at anthropologie......(since everyone knows that is my favorite store.) At anthro it is $8.00 vs. my $2.00 a glass. Again, more clearance bin finds. :) Birds are a huge hit right now, and I found these bird napkin holders last year at Z Gallerie for $1 each on sale when they were originally $5 a pop.

Urban Outfitters has AWESOME home stuff. Months back, I was meeting up with one of my girlfriends in Richmond. We stopped in Urban and I saw these turqoise and lime milky glasses for $1 per glass. They were originally $8. I would have bought more, but they only had 10. bummer.

The table runner is an Amy Butler fabric for $6 a yard. I purchased 3 yards of this fabric from Since I dont know how to sew, I just folded the fabric and then ironed it. No one will know it's not a real table runner:) I made sure the fabric matched my glasses. It went nicely.

Yummy colorful food

It looks like everyone had a nice time. ;)
Ok, so please don't label me as "cheap." Ha. I swear I am not and I will go all out for my friends. Flowers and Food, for example, I will splurge on because it is important that the food tastes good and to have fresh flowers, but I refuse to pay tons of money for decorations when you can have it be just as pretty and half the price. Ok, that's all.


wallpaper love

Many people think of wallpaper as being outdated. So wrong. It is back and bigger than ever. I absoutely love it. The only problem is, the cool wallpaper is insanely expensive. If you want to find a fun, more modern design, you most likely have to order from the UK. Although, Graham and Brown has US site and they are amazing. Here are some prints that I like: LOOOOVE this morrocan design. Its chocolate brown with a cream and a duck egg blue. It would look amazing in a powder room with some slate blue towels.
This wallpaper below is graham and brown. I actually have this wallpaper in my powder room on our main level. It's a mint green with metallic silver medallions. When I walk in, it makes me happy. :)
This one is by Todays Interiors. Love.
same print in another color

Here is the morrocan one again in a turqoise.
This one is by Amy Butler and I think it's really elegant looking. Great in a dining room.
So, the best site to find wallpaper is here. In the "find it fast" type in what you are looking for. Contemporary, Blue, Brown, etc. Happy wallpaper hunting.
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