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Living room and Foyer Redesign

I am a bad blogger. I've had several jobs but have been lazy about posting about them. I'll go in order, so this job is from October. :) I especially loved this job because my "client" is also one of my good friends. That means while I was working, I was able to bring my kiddos along to play with her kids.
She told me she just wanted to update her space. Most of the time I will sit down with people and try to get a sense of their style, but she basically told me to just go with it and do my own thing. She was only really specific about one thing: The trellis curtains from Z Gallerie that I used once before on a sunroom. She wanted them in the green, but that color was discontinued so we settled on the gray which is also really pretty.  
Here is her living room before. This is taken from the entrance to the house. As you can see, the couch is there right when you walk in and there was a large hutch with a tv in the corner. Since they already have a media room, she decided to do away with the tv and make it a more formal living room. I picked one of my happiest paint colors which is silver sage by Benjamin Moore. They painted the whole space including white on the fireplace which makes a huge statement! We got rid of most of the furniture, but kept the leather sofa.



This is another before shot taken from the dining room
After shot
Here are just a few more shots of the space

I tried to incorporate some of her glassware that she already had

This dresser from Ikea is one of my favorites and I have used it several times for clients. It's so inexpensive and works great for entryways with all of the drawer space! It is only $130 which you simply cannot beat! 

I thought the large wall as you walked in would be perfect for a gallery wall. I tried to use happy and bright colors.

I wanted to make the wall personal with pics of her kids and fun trips they had taken. Also, my friend's family is from Sweden and I remembered this awesome book I got last summer at Anthropologie with maps from all over the world. So I cut out this map of Stockholm and framed it.

 All "after" photos were taken by Hannah Smith. She is amazing!


a little bit of inspiration

It doesn't take much for me to be inspired. It can be something as simple as a greeting card or a gift bag. I once designed an entire room around a mint and gray bowl I saw at West Elm. Haha. It's the little things. :)
A few months back, Maryn and I were browsing H&M when I saw this lotion bottle. Actually, she was the one that first picked it out knowing I would love the color combo. I am a SUCKER for pretty packaging. If it has bright colors such as mint, coral, turquoise, or lime I will fall for it every time. I know it's all a marketing scam, but it's people like me that they target. I was in the middle of staging a room, so I used the budget money to get some navy and turquoise items.

The beauty in staging is you get to keep the stuff when you're finished with it, so I went ahead and put it in my room. I think I like it too much to take out again. :)

The turquoise lamps I found at HomeGoods, and the morrocan pillows were probably my favorite find yet. They were originally a shower curtain! (essentially just a huge piece of 100% cotton fabric) I bought the shower curtain for $16.99 and then my amazing sister in law made me up some beautiful pillow covers for my bed. (love her)

And then I remembered that I had several white frames in my garage, so I hired my neighbor (who is an awesome graphic artist) to make me some custom prints to fit the frame size. Call me cheesy, but the print on Brad's side says, "Where you go, I will go." And on my side it says, "Where you stay, I will stay." It's from the book of Ruth, and I have always loved that verse. I thought it would be cute in the master also as a symbol of our committment to one another. I had her do it in an old fashioned type writer font, and I just love how it turned out. The frames were from Michael's for $14.99 each. And you can order almost anything custom off of Etsy! You could have the lyrics to your favorite song, quote, or whatever. It's just fun to have some personal art.

The navy lamps I also found at HG, as well as the butterfly prints.


Condo staging

Here are the before and after shots of the last home I staged. It was a cute little condo in Reston, but completely vacant so it's harder for people to imagine themselves in such an empty space.  
 Here is Maryn modeling for the shot
 Master bedroom before
Master bedroom After
Guest bedroom Before
Guest bedroom after
 Dining Before
Dining After
Once the house was put up on the market, it had 7 offers within 48 hours! I'm telling you- there is alot of power in staging! If you don't want to hire a stager though, and you are looking to sell your home there are a few things you can do to help.
Make sure everything is clean clean clean!
Paint the baseboards so they are very white and clean looking
Get rid of any clutter and family pictures (anything else that is personal)
Hang your curtains high and wide so it gives the appearance of larger windows


More staging

The last home I staged sold just in time for me to take everything out and into the next house. I am still trying to build enough inventory so that I can do a couple at a time. This is a condo in the heart of Fairfax. It was a really cute little place, but  just needed to be updated a bit.

Here is the living room. She had the furniture at an angle in the middle of her living room, but I wanted potential buyers to see how large this room was so did some rearranging.


 The mirror over the couch I found at Homegoods for only $99! I absolutely loved the shape, but the problem was that it was a light oak color with little splatters of orange paint. It was bad. I took it home and gave it a quick coat of charcoal paint, and it's like a whole new mirror!

Dining Before

Dining After

Kitchen Before

Kitchen After

We hired a contractor to come in and take down the wallpaper in the kitchen, and I chose Anonymous (by Behr) for the wall color. I do like other colors besides gray. :) I just needed the house to be neutral and since gray is the "new brown", I went with that! 

Guest room before

Guest room After

Entry way before

Entry way after- Again we had the wallpaper taken down

I have to tweak a few things in the master, so I will post those pics later. Also, the realtor that I have been working with is Lauryn Eadie with Circadian Realty.  She is fantastic, and I honestly cannot say enough good things about her. She is extremely personable, professional, and best of all has an incredible record of selling homes in under 30 days. All "after" shots were taken by professional photgrapher John Boal.


Dining Room Redesign

My latest design project was this dining room! I especially loved this project because Brad and I worked together on it. I did all of the designing and he did all of the taping off and hanging. :)

Here is the dining room BEFORE

Here is the dining room AFTER

My client hired Brad to do all of the chevron taping, and he did such a good job! I picked Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter. It's such a soothing color and one of my favorite Ben colors. The frames I got at Ikea. (The Ribba collection). We just now need to pick their favorite black and white family photos to put in the frames! The best score were these leather chairs that I found at Homegoods. They are a cream leather with nailheads all along the bottom, and the best part is they were only $79.99 each! She actually bought 10 of them just to have for down the road. And the rug I got online during a sale.


One little change can make a big difference

I met with a client a few weeks ago that only wanted drapes for her guest room. I went over to see her wall color and also get an idea of what her style was. I then sent her about 15 different fabrics that would all work with that room, and we both decided on this Thomas Paul fabric. I love this fabric. It's definitely more pricey at almost $30 a yard, but oh so beautiful! Adding the curtains really enlarge the windows too!




Striped Entryways

I am a total sucker for stripes, chevron, and any other design up on the walls. I feel like stripes are pretty easy to do, and it adds another layer to the eye. I just love it. I met with a client yesterday, and with her permission, I think we may do large scale stripes in her entryway. I think it will look awesome, and I will make sure and post pictures when I'm done. I found some fun photos online of stripes in the entryway. LOVE!
I could not find the links the first 2 pics

via apartment therapy

via design sponge

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